Complex P/Supplies Books

A variety of books is used for this important Unit UEENEEH138A.  The unit runs a little lame these days with no soft start, triac, diac, scr, mosfet, igbjt, UPS, charge pumps, phase control… but nevertheless there is a lot to learn in this unit.  One day, maybe I will write a new vocational book for this area of electronics if demand ever picks up.  GM

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Understanding DC Power Supplies and Oscillators, Barry Davis

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Barry Davis, Understanding DC Power Supplies

The blue and orange version of Barry Davis book is the newer version and it includes oscillators as well as linear and SMPS.  The Floyd book is essential for diode operation and half and full wave rectification in unit UEENEEH111A but in unit UEENEEH138A it is less useful as this is prerequisite material, nevertheless it is a valuable book for some of the study, especially introductory oscillators and OpAmps.

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The Edwards and Meyer book, ‘Electronics a Basic Course’ is one of my favourite for the power supplies units UEENEEH111A & UEENEEH138A  ISBN 0-07-470029-4  Out of Print for many years and quite rare, an Australian book written by TAFE Teachers from Victoria in 1991.

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Edwards and Meyer book, ‘Electronics a Basic Course’