AC Chapter & Verse

This is how you must study for the UEENEEH114A

Troubleshoot resonance circuits in an electronic apparatus

or to the uninitiated reader, simply AC circuits.  Video in HD and page notes in ppt style.

我听见,我忘记。 我看见,我记住。我做,我了解。Doing is knowing!

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Using Thomas Floyd, Electronics Fundamentals, 8th edition for teaching these subjects UEENEEH114a and UEENEEE104A, the following slides give a path to learning the AC material.  RC circuits, RL circuits, RLC circuits, Transformers.  In conjunction with other material the student has the possibility of grasping a good working knowledge of how AC interacts with reactive and non-reactive components combined in a circuit.  This unit is a prerequisite for the Circuit Analysis Unit, which has a lot of maths and builds on DC and AC.  Diploma and above students for that subject only.

how to study AC I hear and I forget be sure to buy the Floyd book First AC study in book Second AC study in book Third AC study in book learning AC 4th chapters learning AC 5th chapters learning AC 6th chapters learning AC 7th chapters

And there are stacks of other resource notes from me and many practical labs.  There are videos, notes from other books, many many solved examples.  There are quizzes each week.  It’s up to you to pass.  You cannot pass unless you really know this material.