Salvaging parts from an old PCB Videos

Dont mess around with a soldering iron and soder wick!  If the board is a throwaway use a small propane torch and get serious with desoldering!  I have seen this done with a hot air gun and upending the board and bashing it on the bench to get off flatpack IC’s also, and it does less damage to the board than other methods like tweezers and wick.  In this video the op is not worried about the board.. he just wants the parts so the propane torch is the best tool.  And with some mosfets still retailing for $15 each… a computer power supply is a great source of parts if you know how to get them off.  Be careful if using the heat and flip / bash method.. wear safety glasses and long sleeves and do this in the fresh air outside the workshop.  Two videos here, the first with the propane torch and some improvised venturi sucker… the second with a tunnelled heat gun and pliers.

And this…