Capacitor Notes and PPT for DC UEENEEE104A

Here are the Notes for Capacitors  and the Powerpoints for the Capacitor topics.  There is so much to know about Capacitors and so little time in the unit to learn it all, so you are encouraged to do extra work on this with your Floyd textbook and with the notes I have provided, the videos I have provided, the Labs I have provided and whatever powerpoint and tutorial sheets I have provided.

Topic 15 Capacitors powerpoint about how capacitors work, Charge, Voltage, Current, Capacitance, Universal Time Constant chart. UEENEEE104A Topic 15 Capacitors part 1
Topic 16 Capacitors powerpoint, Capacitors in series and parallel and how to calculate charge on capacitors and voltage drop and capacitance value in series and parallel combinations. UEENEEE101A Topic 16 Capactors part 2
You have the worksheets for these powerpoint already as they are handed out in a class package for Week 7.

The Main information and material for Capacitors is in the Week 7 core material  found here

And within those notes are embedded more videos and some work which is extracted from the Floyd textbook.

Don’t kid yourself.  There is a lot to know about capacitors.  The first week in the AC unit, UEENEEH114A builds on this to generate phasor diagrams which are at the heart of understanding AC circuits.  If you don’t understand capacitors, you can forget about AC, because you will not understand it.

As such there is a fair amount of work in your final unit examination for DC which involves capacitors.