DC Circuits Week 4

Week 4 DC – Beginning Parallel Circuits

As per the lesson plan, we today tackled Resistor types and ratings and colour codes.  That was smooth, no problems here, most people did quite well with that.  More can be found about resistors in Chapter 2 of the Floyd text.  We did two powerpoint for this, one participatory and one an overview with much about E12 and E24 in nice colour.

Then we moved on to Parallel resistive circuits, Floyd Chapter 5.  I have another two powerpoint for this, one with participation in class, one much deeper with homework questions.  The board notes I have tried to put most of the important things here, and the journal notes are here also.  Here below are the links to today’s powerpoints:  (they are locked and you will need the unlock code I have given you)

Colourful Resistor ppt by Greg Moore Powerpoint by Greg about linear resistors and colour codes
Resistance Participatory ppt, TAFE Linear and Non-Linear Resistors Powerpoint with notes
Parallel powerpoint by Greg Moore Parallel Resistor powerpoint with current dividers and some seriies parallle Greg
Parallel Participatory ppt, TAFE Parallel Powerpoint with lights, preliminary knowledge and handout

Journal notes from Lesson

DC week 4 two voltage sources notes DC resistors 5 band notes Kirchhoffs notes Breadboard with mixed resistors notes parallel resistor calculations DC DC parallel notes based on ppt Kirchhoff law DC DC lab for currents and voltages data in theory notes DC Parallel circuits theory notes

And see the Lab Video appurtenant to this weeks work.  Hazen Parallel 7 Lab