Workshop Practice Week 4

week 4

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There is a page devoted to bending hard drive spacers 40 slide ppt and lots of material for vernier callipers in the side tabs of Week 3

Be sure to see the Videos on Fire Extinguishers (also part of OHS) You will need to navigate to Hair and Beauty in Digital Resources to find the SafetyHub (at bottom of list) videos in Equella at this link.  You will need your TAFE password to access them all. LINK



Look for the problems in these drawings!  Some isometric circles are drawn in the wrong perspective.

7 Pages of drawings

2 pages of drawings

Pics of isometric circles in student drawings. All teachers to ensure drawings are in accordance with AS1100.

These drawings in first picture are incorrect.  The isometric circle is drawn in the wrong perspective and would be classed as ‘not competent’

Here is a one page PowerPoint I made for practicing isometric drawing. It’s of a satellite mounting block. Or so it says 🙂
PowerPoint for iso exam download