Workshop Practice Week 2

Draft Plan of Teaching for Workshop.  Shown for 18 week program.  Full time is double rate.  i.e.,  Week one includes W1 and W2 of this chart.

Topics shown as T1, T2 etc are topics from  training-logo-red-RGB-237

workshop w2

Items 1 and 2 from the chart in week 2this weeks stuff

Workshop week 2b workshop w2 c workshop week 2 D

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workshop week 2 E

This is a mixed class week and we do the best we can to catch the whole group up to a similar skill level.workshop fingers magnabend metal square cut GAL PROJECT SCAN COLOUR workshop calipersBuy a fine permanent marker to mark out the metal as the scriber is hard to see on galvanised material.
Black permanent markers


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The notching machine powerpoint link

How to cut metal square powerpoint link

The magnetic bender powerpoint link

More links to follow as I make the powerpoint and or videos