CPR Video Sydney Paramedics

This is a video from Youtube by Staying Alive Paramedical Services.
Dangers – ensure no electrical or chemical or fume or smoke dangers are going to harm you or others.
Response – Check if the person is conscious, can they talk or answer your name?
Send for Help (get defibrillator if available) Phone 000 for ambulance – make this call early, the earlier the better.
Airway  – if victim not breathing, clear airway and roll the person onto their back.

    • Look, listen and feel for breathing, this should not take more than 10 seconds
    • Hands only CPR is also acceptable today.


    • If not breathing normally, immediately start chest compressions.
    • Place heel of your hand in the centre of the chest and lock your elbows in.
    • 30 compressions for every 2 rescue breaths (if you decide to use breathing in conjunction with compressions)
    • Compress chest 5cm
    • Aim to perform 100 chest compressions per minute
    • If a defibrillator is going to be used, still do the chest compressions while setting up the defibrillator.

Defibrillation (follow computer voice instructions, only in dry area)
Place in Recovery Position – if all has gone well and the person begins breathing.  Talk to person.

Watch the video and take your own notes.