SDR Software Defined Radio

Take a look at this link to a European SDR live site with sharing:

This SDR is live in Europe, so it’s night time there when it’s daytime here… the higher frequency stuff is being absorbed by the D layer and you can just get the lower frequencies during our daylight hours here in Australia.
I used it last night (day time in Europe) the commercial bands were very populated.
Radio Dechovka Czechoslovakia
Did you know VNG Lyndhurst shut up shop back in 2002? I’ve been away from HF for too long! and WWV shut up shop last year!

The RF noise from my own house is measured at 40DBµV ! Think about it…. wifi, powerlines, Inverter power supplies in everything from computer to LED lights… hash and RF noise has engulfed the band.
So if you can find an active public SDR in a noise free area, HF is still interesting.
Getting back my ham ticket to avoid pirating 😋

Crystal Oscillator Pierce

Crystal Oscillator Pierce

Something to think about:
Most of my little oscillators run around 100mW out…. put into a loaded long wire that is going to travel a long way when the ionosphere agrees.
We can transmit from Sydney and pick it up in Europe via the internet using their SDR in real time.

There are several SDR to look at. One is in Manly but it’s hard to get the audio to work and it does not cover commercial part of the HF spectrum, only ham bands:

Interesting experiment