More Tube Osc circuits

french cappy
Recent variable capacitor purchases:
3 gang sections 7 t0 77 pF . Straight Line Capacity .
Rotating outer vanes on each gang are slit to allow minor trimming / matching of gangs .
Front & rear of shaft supported by Ball Races .
Rigid brass & White ceramic construction . Vanes & frame dark , but that is only atmospheric tarnishing of the silver plating.

cappy 1
Alps Japanese 4 gang, 2 X 100pF, 2 X 20pf
cappy 2
French Military Brass Silver plated twin gang with ball bearings and extra rotor silver contacts.
Small transmitting variable capacitor.
The capacitor has two sections, each with a capacity of 4pF to 120pF.
The capacitor has a quadruple rotor contact made of silver-plated phosphor bronze springs.
The capacitor body and all plates are brass, silver plated.
The capacitor stator has ceramic insulation.
The capacitor has a lead shaft on two sides, thanks to which the capacitors can be connected 
in sections.
By using both sections connected in series, a non-contact differential capacitor with a capacity
 of 2-60pF and a 600V voltage strength is created.
In this configuration, this capacitor was used in the antenna tuner, it is only necessary to 
ensure the isolation of the capacitor body and its axis from the mass.

cappy 3
alps cappy in full