UEE06 EKAS Digital

This is from the ElectroComms and Energy Utilities Industry Skills Council (archival material not searchable on the internet). From the first version of the training package hence V1.0
As we saw UEE07 and UEE11, changes occurred in the topics of the Required Skills and Knowledge for the Digital unit. In my opinion, the antecedence from the original training package Learning specification is still relevant and is in fact much clearer to read. Consequently I have reproduced the original topics here with learning objectives
©ElectroComms and Energy Utilities Industry Skills Council ©2007 UEE06 UEENEEH012A TROUBLESHOOT DIGITAL SUBSYSTEMS. EKAS clause number Digital Electronic Fundamentals, 2.9.12 Electronic Fault Finding, Electronic Testing and Measuring Devices & Techniques, 2.18.9 Electronic Safe Working Practices, 2.18.1 Occupational Health & Safety Principles