UEENEEE124A Energy Sec. Report

This is essentially a statistics unit and the outcome is writing a report with univariate and bivariate data sets. UEENEEE124A is a core unit in the electrical engineering courses as shown, but is a group C 60 point elective for electronics students. Electronics students will most likely NEED to complete this unit as it’s difficult to get up to 280 points in group C. Of course if you have a lot of points in B, or A, you may not need this. Anyway, to work in management with no training in Statistics would be a big problem, so it’s recommended you do this.You will purchase a book from VETRes: http://www.vetres.net.au/UEENEEE024B-Compile-and-Produce-an-Electrotechnology-Report-2679.html The book costs $10 plus delivery.
ueeneee124a book
124A book pic Order this book online, it’s your workbook for this unit
Here is a sample page from the book
ueeneee124A sample page
2.5MB pdf image HD scaleable. This is a 54 nominal hour unit.