Project Mngmnt Textbooks

These are all books which I have used in the past.  I tend to like the McGraw-Hill Project Management in Practice as it reflects international standards but has been rewritten for Australian learning.  This is the book which I have prescribed for the course and the price is shown adjacent.  It’s a really affordable book and one which you will use in your management practice in the future.  I have the McGraw-Hill teaching resource pack for this book and it is by far the most extensive resource for learning PM.


A highly affordable and lighter reading book is the well known Rory Burke PM.  I also have the teaching resource pack for this book.  While this is a useful book, I would not recommend it for PM case study work at Diploma level in Australia but as a reference book it’s excellent.  And the price… It’s 380p and quite thick… for $au37 it’s a good price.

Stephen Hartley’s book still has some popularity and I tend to draw on some things from this older edition which I own.  There is a 4th edition available now but it is not so affordable as the other books.  Certainly the McGraw-Hill is the book of choice and I ask that you buy the first book in the book list here PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN PRACTICE [LARSON & GRAY AUSTRALIAN EDITION]

Project Management Essentials by Therese Linton is an excellent Australian book written for TAFE and College. It is not a cheap book but it’s very well laid out.  Dymocks price about $au99.  Cheapest found $au86.