PM Week 3

The side tabs have some notes of mine about timing and critical path analysis from 2014.

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Use this link to see the material outline for the Week 3 Lesson: (it will open a new webpage)


OK, so you have worked your way through the first short video training. How did you go with the entry questions for that? Better than 50%?
The Assignment questions will appear here shortly.
Now to Video #2

Now for Video #3
And here is ProjectLibre, how to get it, how to use it and what to do with it in the form of an assignment.



S0… let’s review
You need to watch two Video Tutorials – make notes
Use any exercise material which is available as download in
You need to watch a YouTube Video Tutorial
You need to install ProjectLibre on your laptop after downloading it.
You need to work with our Mount Terrible Project (link embedded in one of the html pages with the videos)

Take a few days to watch the videos, get the software, install it, practice learning it.
By that time, I will have the assignment questions as an html link here.
I will include the Student Assessment Guideline for these 5 Units:
G169A, G170A, E015B, E011C, H141A
Do see the side tab with my mapping of these units.