Where Do Grads Go – Career Information

Need information about careers?  Looking for statistics for employment opportunities?

The basic philosophy behind ‘what vocational area should I be getting into today’ is to think beyond today and into tomorrow.

Many jobs from the past have changed and many current jobs are changing.  It would be a terrible thing to discover that your vocational path is becoming redundant before you even start your job!

Each student is encouraged to learn about and compare different vocations and hopefully you can make the most important decision of your life, what career to choose.  Having said that, there is emerging evidence that young people will probably work in many vocational areas (up to 7) throughout their work-life.

Other main sites to look at re different vocations are https://www.qilt.edu.au/about-this-site  and http://www.srcentre.com.au/news/gregmooresmoslnov2017   (both sites are maintained by the ANU)  From the November 2017 report at the second link, it appears that expected graduate salaries have increased by 20% since 2014.

This shown career guide is from GraduateCareers Australia.  They have a website with more information but the last time it was accessed (Dec 2017) it had some redirects to a possible phishing site as reported by google.  Clickable link on image below.

Where do graduates go to and how much money will they make

Where do graduates go to and how much money will they make. Click image to go to this 4 page article at the graduate careers website.