UEE30911 *2019* Electronics & Comms Cert 3

Planned for Year 2019, the Certificate 3 in Electronics and Comms. This 2019 version supersedes all previous versions
2 years of one day per week attendance.
1 year of night time attendance.
uee30911 map 2019

If you are doing the Advanced Diploma UEE60211, here is the link for the extension units: https://www.learn.org.au/moodle/course-structures/uee60211-2019-course-layout/
course within a course


OLD 2014 COURSE STRUCTURE SHOWN BELOW, NOW REPLACED. SHOWN FOR INTEREST ONLY  If you have done some units from this course, you will be given direct credit for those units in the Diploma or Advanced Diploma.  

UEE30911 Certificate III in Electronics and Communications