Learn Electronics Online, at Home

Are the days of ‘Chalk and Talk’ finished?

In 2013 I was fascinated to watch a TED presentation by Sugata Mitra titled ‘Building a School in The Cloud’.  About escaping the Bureaucratic Administrative Machine.  “The Empire is Gone and schools as we know them are outdated and obsolete”

Sugata is so correct in his presentation.  Students who want to get ahead will teach themselves and these students will be the best students having learned by discovery, with a passion to know more and an intense interest.  The future of education is through online delivery.  Sugata Mitra is an educational researcher and an Electrical Engineer.  He has many published papers about directed learning.

Jobs in electronics now require workers to be innovative, adaptive and able to overcome problems through resourcefulness.  Students who are taught in the classroom fail in this area compared to students who teach themselves with online material and a good textbook and practical experiments.  (citation coming here)

Blended delivery is possibly the most superior teaching and learning method today.  In blended delivery, the students spend a little time in intense workshops at school and do the bulk of the work themselves at home, online.

more to follow soon…