Behringer B-1 Mic PCB layouts

Borrowed from  Moby, Serbia.  I have this mic and it’s a beauty.  Just goes to show what can be achieved in China with the German talent of one young engineer who found a place to build his circuitry cheaply.  These Behringers and AKGs are really up there, and the new player on the block is ISK… wow… really beautiful construction and low noise figures also.  I will add an ISK page soon for the 88 and 700.  B-1 is a 25mm capsule whereas many later mics have gone to 34mm for vocals.  The ISK 88 is 25mm and the 700 is 34mm.
Behringer B1 PCB_2_parts-2 Behringer B1 PCB_1_tracks-2 Behringer B1 PCB_1_parts-2 Behringer B1 front_mic-3 Behringer B1 back_mic Behringer B1 PCB_2_tracks-2