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Here is information about the electronics trade and hobby.  This will no doubt grow and need some better formatting, but for now it can suffice.

slow blow fusesony flat power transformerSony WRR 850A UHF diversity receiver, shorted turn in primary of power transformer. Uncommon, but it happens.  This fault imposes a massive load on the operation of the transformer and causes it to draw a lot of current and generate a lot of heat.  This is why we use fuses in equipment!

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This is part of a professional studio wireless microphone system, but it’s useless without the correct replacement low profile toroidal transformer.  This is the repair world and many prosumer and commercial items such as this have to be depreciated fast because later it’s almost impossible to find parts to repair them.  In this case, the carcass will be salvaged and a new transformer sourced or wound.  Yes, it’s time consuming, but people do still wind transformers.

The RF sections in the Sony

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These are some links to component suppliers, hobby electronics suppliers etc.

minikits-logo1 RF oscillator board RF Filter board Complete SSB kit transmitter

These kits look quite impressive.  I am happy to see a site like this which sells things which disappeared from the market when Woolies owned Dick Smith and thought toasters would make them more profit.  Fact is, after the honeymoon with computers, this analogue stuff is making a significant comeback.

RF especially was starting to look like a lost part of the trade.  Big corporations struggle to find teachers for RADAR and SSB now.

Fact is, the best techs out there are probably the hobbyists who have put their spare time into building, modifying and designing RF equipment.  We need more ‘nerds’, otherwise much information will be lost to new generations of technicians.

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