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2016-11-27_17-26-18All the below material is for 2017

http://tafeskillstech.edu.au/course/11120/diploma-electronics-communications-engineering  cost blowout

http://www.southmetrotafe.wa.edu.au/courses/certificate-ii-electronics  dual qual same cost

https://www.holmesglen.edu.au/courses/building_and_construction/electrical/certificate_iii_in_engineering_electricalelectronic_trade  MEM??

http://www.swinburne.edu.au/study/course/Certificate-III-in-Electronics-and-Communications-UEE30911/local   C3 outline

https://www.rmit.edu.au/study-with-us/levels-of-study/vocational-study/advanced-diplomas/c6122/fees  per annum price in 2017!

http://www.rmit.edu.au/study-with-us/applying-to-rmit/local-student-applications/fees/fees-by-level-of-study/vocational-study/fee-finder#q=C6122&code=C6122&natCode=UEE60211&programName=advanced%2520diploma%2520of%2520electronics%2520and%2520communications%2520engineering&feetype=true&concession=false&year=2017&generate=true  fee finder, showing per year of study! cost blowout

NSW TAFE things below:

Under Smart and Skilled, a student contributes towards the cost of training through the payment of a student fee. The payment to the Provider is made up of the student fee and the subsidy from the government. Student fees are:

  •   set for the whole qualification, not annual or semester fees as some training providers did previously to Smart and Skilled
  •   lower for students doing their first post-school qualification
  •   set for the student and the qualification and will be the same regardless of the Provider chosen.

Hunter C3 2017 http://www.hunter.tafensw.edu.au/browse-courses/pages/uee30911-01v04-certificate-iii-in-electronics-and-communications.aspx  see below

Course Fee: $12,350.00
Smart and Skilled Second Qual: $3,960.00

The 2017 Smart and Skilled Schedule prices are:

First Qualification Fee is $3,300.00
Second Qualification Fee is $3,960.00
Apprenticship Fee is $2,000.00

http://sydneytafe.edu.au/course-details/UEE50511-01V04/diploma-of-electronics-and-communications-engineering Ultimo

https://www.training.nsw.gov.au/forms_documents/smartandskilled/contract/fee_administration_policy_2017.pdf  Oct 2016 new NSW smart n skilled policies. Note, is whole course, not yearly as in Victoria and some other.

https://www.training.nsw.gov.au/forms_documents/smartandskilled/prices_fees/2017_prices_fees_subsidies.pdf  NSW smart n skilled prices by course, 2017 (see page 18 for electronics courses)

UEE50511 $7350 first qual full price resident (SECOND QUALIFICATION $900 MORE FOR DIPLOMA)
UEE60211 $7620
UEE30911 $3300

Recognition of Prior Learning

This needs to be assessed AT THE ENROLMENT TIME and may save you some money on the price of the qualification. The Smart and Skilled guidelines show about this on page Ask The enrolling teacher about this. You will need to prove your prior learning with documentation and possibly do a challenge test.  (see page 4 of the Fee Administration policy booklet in the link above)

  1. Fees for student repeat attempts to complete units of competency

    The Provider will not be paid additional subsidy (government funded subsidy)  for repeat attempts by a student to complete a unit of competency. The Provider must have a policy on the number of times a student can attempt to complete a unit of competency for their student fee. The Provider must make students aware of the policy prior to or at enrolment. (p.11 of the Fee Adminstration policy booklet in link above)  Because TAFE is not paid any additional subsidy under the Smart and Skilled system, the Student may be required to pay extra fees after failing competency in a unit and needing to have a repeat attempt at that unit.  In 2016, Students enrolled with TAFE Western Sydney were not asked to pay extra money for repeat attempts at a unit, but this may change in 2017 without warning.  It is the student’s responsibility to pass all units of competency.

  2. The official TAFE guidelines for repeat attempts is shown in the link beflow
  3. https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/policies/assessment/tafe/stud_assess/rpt_enrol.pdf  Departmental policy regarding repeat study in units of competency.
  4. TAFE NSW Customer Services  Repeat enrolment of students guidelines/version 3/Last updated 21 Jan 2015 (the above document link)

Student Information Guide – TAFE New England  Interesting material at this link for student orientation and general information

In the news: Are Universities dying a slow death and Polytechnics leading the way ??

http://www.theaustralian.com.au/higher-education/tafe-in-good-shape-says-departing-chief-martin-riordan/news-story/8211a1f0c59758e02bbd7134efdc39f5  An article in the Australian newspaper… some shown below.

TAFE institutions are in good shape despite the relentless rollout of open market policies that have slashed their market share, according to the departing head of their peak body.

But equivalent organisations elsewhere are facing similar pressures, says long-time TAFE advocate Martin Riordan, who will hang up his lobbyist’s boots in March and step down from an 11-year stint at the helm of TAFE Directors Australia.

“A lot of systems are undergoing soul searching, particularly in Asia, saying: how do you move in a rapidly changing technology environment to be more relevant? It’s not that TAFE is broken, it’s just that nothing stands still,” Mr Riordan said.

He said TAFEs and their overseas equivalents could be the beneficiaries of a “big push”, led by China, in questioning the traditional university model. “Polytechnic-type” institutions were finding increasing favour in the face of escalating graduate unemployment in many countries.




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