Video added, Why do we measure the full circuit voltage across an open circuit resistor?

Breadboard solution video added

By admin  /  March 22, 2018
Just the breadboard video solution from class homework:  here is the link    
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DC Circuits class, make sure you watch and learn these video lessons.

By admin  /  March 21, 2018
The full theory at the board live for the week 5 and 6 major series parallel lab.  Here is the...
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Voltage divider problem in class added

By admin  /  March 20, 2018
Here is the link to the activity done in class: click here
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Trial Quiz added for Week 6 DC

By admin  /  March 18, 2018
Find the quiz at this link:  this is the link for the trial quiz
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Found in Week 4 of DC circuits under a new tab to the right.

Video: Voltage across open circuit resistor

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