DC Homework W2 Video solution

If your answers to the Week 2 DC homework (due week 3) were not right, here is the way it’s done with illustrations and narration.  Link to the solutions

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Trial Quiz W3 added

Find the quiz at:  http://www.learn.org.au/ueenee-course-pages/ueeneee104a-dc-circuits/dc-circuits-week-3/trial-quiz-for-dc-week-3/

These quizzes are assessable on the day of attendance but the trial quiz is for study purposes and should be treated as part of the homework.  Print it out and attempt it with full working.

DC Quiz image

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Homework DC Week 2 added

Download it and neatly complete it, hand in at 8am.

The Homework Link
the series circuit homework

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Sample Quiz DC Week 2

Each week there is an assessable quiz first thing.
Here is a sample quiz. The quizzes get harder each week.


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The End of another year

many videos and notes added through November and December 2017 and many more to add in a relentless quest to have all notes online.

Comparator LDR controlling Gain Video

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Amazon S3 in use

After 5 years using Dropbox to render HTML in various web pages and provide convenient public links to share, the service closed the door on that and discontinued the public folder.  I have started to migrate all the links on the site (mostly pdf and powerpoint) to Amazon AWS S3.  

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Amplifier UEENEEH113 notes added

Also, two small video series on simple base bias and load lines & collector feedback bias and Q point shift.  Find all of these under UEENEEH113A throughout the various weeks.

Collector FB Bias Video #3

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Diode Voltage Drop Video

Amplifiers UEENEEH113A, introduction to the silicon diode with a small lab which followed the theory lesson.

Diode Forward Voltage video

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Meter Loading video added

Video for Meter Loading

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RC AC parallel video #3 notes

Shown in the video, and here reproduced as a page of revision notes.  AC is such a very large and often bewildering subject as it also encompasses filters, such as Butterworth.  There is rarely time in the teaching to cover so many of these and I encourage you to learn more in Youtube and over time I will produce some videos about that also.

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