DC Week 5 Homework pdf (REVISED FINAL)

DC homework for week 5 can be found here:  DC week 5 homework link

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Week 4 DC homework solution added

Find the homework solution here: Week 4 DC homework solution

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Workshop Practice UEENEEE102A things added

Added some stuff to Workshop Practice UEENEEE102A.  Sadly, Workshop Practice has been the poor orphan and was never populated with much.  With several Gbytes of material in cloud storage, I will ‘html it across’ little by little.  I have added some sample drawings to Week 4.  I will work through other projects and select material to populate Weeks 5 to 9.  

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Week 5 trial quiz added

By doing the trial quizzes you guarantee yourself a better mark in the actual quiz.  Please learn colour codes.  You will NOT be give the colour chart.  It’s only 7 colours after black, brown and white 🙂    The link is here:  Link to DC Week 5 trial quiz


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Homework uploaded for DC Week 4

Get it here:  Week four homework pdf  15 questions

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Homework solution uploaded W3 DC

Find the homework video here: click here for video

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New Series Parallel Solution video week 4

Find the video at : Week 4 board video of simple series parallel solution

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Current Divider Methods

Essential for parallel networks: find it here

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DC Trial Quiz for Week 4 added

Trial quiz to be done with homework.  You know what happens if you do not do it 😛

Here is the link to the Trial Quiz under week 4 : Trial Quiz

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DC Homework Week 3 available

Find the new week 3 DC homework at this link: click here to access

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