Narrated OH&S RCD Video Presentation

In UEENEEE101A OH&S Online Lesson One find the RCD and Circuit Breaker video.



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New Lab for RC AC circuits added

Find in AC circuits against Week 3.  Labs are such a very important part of understanding electronics.  I do not help much in Labs, as the discovery learning for students is my aim in this section of the classwork.  I have made many videos featuring the test equipment and the use of same in the labs.  

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Phase Shift RC circuit Video added


Find the video in Week 1a of AC circuits both embedded in the notes and as a separate video to the side tab.  Using the oscilloscope  is a very important part of electronics and you must understand fully how to use this piece of equipment.

Phase Shift RC Week 1 AC

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AC accelerated learning model notes added

Find notes AC Circuits Week1a T4 16

AC Circuits Week 1a T4 16

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Rigol Oscilloscope Introduction

How to use the Rigol Oscilloscope, Part one, covers DC / AC coupling, BNC connector, Roll function for real time transient testing.  Find it in Week 8 of DC circuits.

Rigol Oscilloscope Introduction part 1

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New DC video added for Capacitors and Series Parallel solutions in quiz

Week 8 of DC has a new video, 47 minutes.

DC Quiz Capacitor TC and series parallel Video


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New Soldering Notes added to make W2 and W3 of the new 4 week course

New soldering notes added

Monostable 75ms with a 555 on Vero board.

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Capacitor Powerpoints added to DC Week 7

Please find the Capacitor powerpoints adjacent to Week 7 of DC circuits.  You will need to open these using the password.  You already have been given the worksheets for these.

Capacitor Notes and PPT for DC UEENEEE104A

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Video Solution to Quiz 6 Week 7 DC Series Parallel

All the questions answered on the board and filmed live.  Find the video in the adjacent tab to DC Circuits Week 7.

Video Solution Week 7 Quiz Live


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Troubleshooting video for series parallel, Floyd

Week 6 of DC circuits

Troubleshoot series parallel circuit Floyd Video

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July 2017

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