Pythagoras for Electronics Video

Basic class introduction (should be revision) for geometry, trigonometry and rectangular to polar.

Pythagoras for Electronics Video

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Measuring with a DC current meter in series circuit video

This video accompanies the DC voltage in a series circuit video.  Understanding voltage, resistance and current is the most important part of the whole electronics course.

DC Current Measurement in Series Circuit video


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DC Voltage measurement along a Wire Video

An early lesson for basic electrical concepts… however, important concepts about loss of voltage over a long wire.

Voltage along a Wire, DC, Video

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fx-100 calculator Rect to Polar function

Several calculators we use all have different methods of performing this function. I plan to do other calculators over time.

fx-100s Rectangular to Polar video

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Week 3 H169A Basic Electronics 2017

This is AC and DC voltage dividers with solutions, including phasor diagrams and series to parallel translation in AC ( just for fun)

2017 S1 notes Volt Div in DC AC

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OHS UEENEEE101A online completed

The online material and 3 assignments are complete and ready to download for UEENEEE101A

The online assignments are ready for UEENEEE137A, but the student assessment guideline still to be added.

First Aid Assignment Link


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DC Generator Video

Illustrating the effects of a moving conductor in a magnetic field and the need to switch the windings via a commutator to produce pulsating DC current.

The DC generator Video

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Arduino Project Reincarnated after 4 years.

Arduino notes… practical construction and programming coming.  Posted the finished project video and have the other notes to upload shortly.

UEENEEI155A – Program ext. devices

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DC Week 1 Ammeter Lab in Simulator

The importance of low internal resistance in an Ammeter cannot be overemphasised.

DC Week 1/S117 Current meter lab

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