DC homework Week 7 update 1

The homework version 1.1 has been uploaded Saturday 1430hrs: find it here

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Capacitor Fundamentals Video added

Covers how a capacitor works, Joules of energy, electric field, equal charge etc. Find it here

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DC Week 7 Homework (more to be added later)

Find it at this link in week 7 of DC :  The homework link

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Homework Week 6 (additional question) breadboard with differential voltage meter

Homework Week 6 (additional question) breadboard with differential voltage meter. Link by clicking here

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Breadboard solution video added

Just the breadboard video solution from class homework:  here is the link



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DC Circuits class, make sure you watch and learn these video lessons.

The full theory at the board live for the week 5 and 6 major series parallel lab.  Here is the link: https://youtu.be/gA33RNRdtfA

Also… a second video for the bigger circuit we studied in class.  If you missed the board notes for that, here is the full lesson in video : https://youtu.be/02yFWXmbrHQ

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Voltage divider problem in class added

Here is the link to the activity done in class: click here

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Trial Quiz added for Week 6 DC

Find the quiz at this link:  this is the link for the trial quiz

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Video added for Voltage Divider Tutorial

Find it at the bottom of the Voltage Divider tutorial: Find it here – scroll to the bottom of page

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DC Voltage Divider theory stuff added & homework FINAL REVISION.

New notes for solving double stage voltage divider.  Find notes here at this link

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