New Soldering Notes added to make W2 and W3 of the new 4 week course

Project Mngment Notes added

By admin  /  August 6, 2018
Week 1 and Week 3 material added Aug 5 2018
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Digital Notes added for each week

By admin  /  May 26, 2018
Each week the notes are added here.  Each time the classes are run, more notes will be added.
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New Course Descriptions Added

By admin  /  May 26, 2018 UEE60211 UEE62211 UEE50411 UEE21611 UEE22011 UEE40911 MORE COMING WEEKLY, THESE ARE DRAFT COURSE OUTLINES FOR SEMESTER 2, 2018 AND...
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New soldering notes added

Monostable 75ms with a 555 on Vero board.

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