New Lab for RC AC circuits added

RC Impedance Phasor Board Work Video

By admin  /  May 15, 2017
What was done in class at Mount Druitt TAFE in UEENEEH169A with a Lab for phase shift and impedance triangle....
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Pythagoras for Electronics Video

By admin  /  May 15, 2017
Basic class introduction (should be revision) for geometry, trigonometry and rectangular to polar.
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Measuring with a DC current meter in series circuit video

By admin  /  May 14, 2017
This video accompanies the DC voltage in a series circuit video.  Understanding voltage, resistance and current is the most important...
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Find in AC circuits against Week 3.  Labs are such a very important part of understanding electronics.  I do not help much in Labs, as the discovery learning for students is my aim in this section of the classwork.  I have made many videos featuring the test equipment and the use of same in the labs.  It is your job to learn this gear yourself and become good at using it.  In a nutshell, a technician who cannot use test equipment and actually ‘do stuff’ is unemployable, so I cannot stress how important this learning is.  You must know what you are doing in competency training to be assessed as competent.

RC major lab AC circuits

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