New DC notes Week 3

Sample Quiz DC Week 2

By admin  /  February 17, 2018
Each week there is an assessable quiz first thing. Here is a sample quiz. The quizzes get harder each week....
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The End of another year

By admin  /  December 10, 2017
many videos and notes added through November and December 2017 and many more to add in a relentless quest to...
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Amazon S3 in use

By admin  /  September 18, 2017
After 5 years using Dropbox to render HTML in various web pages and provide convenient public links to share, the...
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Amplifier UEENEEH113 notes added

By admin  /  August 26, 2017
Also, two small video series on simple base bias and load lines & collector feedback bias and Q point shift....
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Diode Voltage Drop Video

By admin  /  July 29, 2017
Amplifiers UEENEEH113A, introduction to the silicon diode with a small lab which followed the theory lesson.
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Meter Loading video added

By admin  /  July 27, 2017
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RC AC parallel video #3 notes

By admin  /  July 18, 2017
Shown in the video, and here reproduced as a page of revision notes.  AC is such a very large and...
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AC RC Parallel circuit and Phasor VIDEO

By admin  /  June 2, 2017
Part two online, Parts one and three in production.
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4 Part Video Series on RC Series Circuit

By admin  /  May 27, 2017
4 Part Video Series on RC Series Circuit with phasor diagrams and sine wave diagrams clearly showing Lead and Lag...
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RC Impedance Phasor Board Work Video

By admin  /  May 15, 2017
What was done in class at Mount Druitt TAFE in UEENEEH169A with a Lab for phase shift and impedance triangle....
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Pythagoras for Electronics Video

By admin  /  May 15, 2017
Basic class introduction (should be revision) for geometry, trigonometry and rectangular to polar.
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Measuring with a DC current meter in series circuit video

By admin  /  May 14, 2017
This video accompanies the DC voltage in a series circuit video.  Understanding voltage, resistance and current is the most important...
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DC Voltage measurement along a Wire Video

By admin  /  May 14, 2017
An early lesson for basic electrical concepts... however, important concepts about loss of voltage over a long wire.
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fx-100 calculator Rect to Polar function

By admin  /  May 14, 2017
Several calculators we use all have different methods of performing this function. I plan to do other calculators over time....
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Week 3 H169A Basic Electronics 2017

By admin  /  May 9, 2017
This is AC and DC voltage dividers with solutions, including phasor diagrams and series to parallel translation in AC (...
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OHS UEENEEE101A online completed

By admin  /  March 19, 2017
The online material and 3 assignments are complete and ready to download for UEENEEE101A The online assignments are ready for...
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DC Generator Video

By admin  /  March 5, 2017
Illustrating the effects of a moving conductor in a magnetic field and the need to switch the windings via a...
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Arduino Project Reincarnated after 4 years.

By admin  /  February 19, 2017
Arduino notes... practical construction and programming coming.  Posted the finished project video and have the other notes to upload shortly....
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DC Week 1 Ammeter Lab in Simulator

By admin  /  February 19, 2017
The importance of low internal resistance in an Ammeter cannot be overemphasised.
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Make a special note today!

By admin  /  December 28, 2016
Enrol in the TAFE Electronics and Communications Diploma or Advanced Diploma in TAFE NSW Western Sydney Today! UEE50511 Diploma of...
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