H169A work added

DC Circuits class, make sure you watch and learn these video lessons.

By admin  /  March 21, 2018
The full theory at the board live for the week 5 and 6 major series parallel lab.  Here is the...
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Voltage divider problem in class added

By admin  /  March 20, 2018
Here is the link to the activity done in class: click here
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Trial Quiz added for Week 6 DC

By admin  /  March 18, 2018
Find the quiz at this link:  this is the link for the trial quiz
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Video added for Voltage Divider Tutorial

By admin  /  March 18, 2018
Find it at the bottom of the Voltage Divider tutorial: Find it here - scroll to the bottom of page
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DC Voltage Divider theory stuff added & homework FINAL REVISION.

By admin  /  March 17, 2018
New notes for solving double stage voltage divider.  Find notes here at this link
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DC Week 5 Homework pdf (REVISED FINAL)

By admin  /  March 16, 2018
DC homework for week 5 can be found here:  DC week 5 homework link
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Week 4 DC homework solution added

By admin  /  March 15, 2018
Find the homework solution here: Week 4 DC homework solution
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Workshop Practice UEENEEE102A things added

By admin  /  March 11, 2018
Added some stuff to Workshop Practice UEENEEE102A.  Sadly, Workshop Practice has been the poor orphan and was never populated with...
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Week 5 trial quiz added

By admin  /  March 10, 2018
By doing the trial quizzes you guarantee yourself a better mark in the actual quiz.  Please learn colour codes.  You...
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Homework uploaded for DC Week 4

By admin  /  March 9, 2018
Get it here:  Week four homework pdf  15 questions
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Homework solution uploaded W3 DC

By admin  /  March 8, 2018
Find the homework video here: click here for video
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New Series Parallel Solution video week 4

By admin  /  March 7, 2018
Find the video at : Week 4 board video of simple series parallel solution
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Current Divider Methods

By admin  /  March 6, 2018
Essential for parallel networks: find it here
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DC Trial Quiz for Week 4 added

By admin  /  March 4, 2018
Trial quiz to be done with homework.  You know what happens if you do not do it 😛 Here is...
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DC Homework Week 3 available

By admin  /  March 2, 2018
Find the new week 3 DC homework at this link: click here to access
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DC Homework W2 Video solution

By admin  /  March 1, 2018
If your answers to the Week 2 DC homework (due week 3) were not right, here is the way it's...
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Trial Quiz W3 added

By admin  /  February 25, 2018
Find the quiz at:  http://www.learn.org.au/ueenee-course-pages/ueeneee104a-dc-circuits/dc-circuits-week-3/trial-quiz-for-dc-week-3/ These quizzes are assessable on the day of attendance but the trial quiz is for...
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Homework DC Week 2 added

By admin  /  February 23, 2018
Download it and neatly complete it, hand in at 8am. The Homework Link
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Sample Quiz DC Week 2

By admin  /  February 17, 2018
Each week there is an assessable quiz first thing. Here is a sample quiz. The quizzes get harder each week....
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The End of another year

By admin  /  December 10, 2017
many videos and notes added through November and December 2017 and many more to add in a relentless quest to...
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Meter reading and scales to week 3 of H169A

The Analogue Meter Reading


AC/DC voltage measurement with oscilloscope lab to week 5 of H169A

H169A AC/DC circuit lab and theory

apologies for the mixture of work as it’s laid out in my UEENEEH169A UNIT area as there was a change in the way the unit was being delivered.  The unit is now a test equipment practical oriented unit with lighter theory work.

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