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Breadboard solution video added

By admin  /  March 22, 2018
Just the breadboard video solution from class homework:  here is the link    
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DC Circuits class, make sure you watch and learn these video lessons.

By admin  /  March 21, 2018
The full theory at the board live for the week 5 and 6 major series parallel lab.  Here is the...
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Voltage divider problem in class added

By admin  /  March 20, 2018
Here is the link to the activity done in class: click here
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Trial Quiz added for Week 6 DC

By admin  /  March 18, 2018
Find the quiz at this link:  this is the link for the trial quiz
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Video added for Voltage Divider Tutorial

By admin  /  March 18, 2018
Find it at the bottom of the Voltage Divider tutorial: Find it here - scroll to the bottom of page
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DC Voltage Divider theory stuff added & homework FINAL REVISION.

By admin  /  March 17, 2018
New notes for solving double stage voltage divider.  Find notes here at this link
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DC Week 5 Homework pdf (REVISED FINAL)

By admin  /  March 16, 2018
DC homework for week 5 can be found here:  DC week 5 homework link
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Week 4 DC homework solution added

By admin  /  March 15, 2018
Find the homework solution here: Week 4 DC homework solution
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Workshop Practice UEENEEE102A things added

By admin  /  March 11, 2018
Added some stuff to Workshop Practice UEENEEE102A.  Sadly, Workshop Practice has been the poor orphan and was never populated with...
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Week 5 trial quiz added

By admin  /  March 10, 2018
By doing the trial quizzes you guarantee yourself a better mark in the actual quiz.  Please learn colour codes.  You...
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Homework uploaded for DC Week 4

By admin  /  March 9, 2018
Get it here:  Week four homework pdf  15 questions
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Homework solution uploaded W3 DC

By admin  /  March 8, 2018
Find the homework video here: click here for video
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New Series Parallel Solution video week 4

By admin  /  March 7, 2018
Find the video at : Week 4 board video of simple series parallel solution
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Current Divider Methods

By admin  /  March 6, 2018
Essential for parallel networks: find it here
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DC Trial Quiz for Week 4 added

By admin  /  March 4, 2018
Trial quiz to be done with homework.  You know what happens if you do not do it 😛 Here is...
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DC Homework Week 3 available

By admin  /  March 2, 2018
Find the new week 3 DC homework at this link: click here to access
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DC Homework W2 Video solution

By admin  /  March 1, 2018
If your answers to the Week 2 DC homework (due week 3) were not right, here is the way it's...
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Trial Quiz W3 added

By admin  /  February 25, 2018
Find the quiz at: These quizzes are assessable on the day of attendance but the trial quiz is for...
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Homework DC Week 2 added

By admin  /  February 23, 2018
Download it and neatly complete it, hand in at 8am. The Homework Link
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Sample Quiz DC Week 2

By admin  /  February 17, 2018
Each week there is an assessable quiz first thing. Here is a sample quiz. The quizzes get harder each week....
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After 5 years using Dropbox to render HTML in various web pages and provide convenient public links to share, the service closed the door on that and discontinued the public folder.  I have started to migrate all the links on the site (mostly pdf and powerpoint) to Amazon AWS S3.  Amazon Web Services Cloud is reliable and not too expensive to run yearly, as well as being fast in Sydney (Amazon South East)

pCloud was trialled and some inconsistencies were discovered.  I will do a story on that later.

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