TAFE NSW Regional Structure Aug 2016

Following very fast after the Minister’s announcement of One TAFE for NSW, comes the new regional structure which will replace the current Institute structure.  Regional General Manager jobs were advertised on July 22, 2016.

TAFE regional structure

Coping with a rapidly changing vocational educational sector requires a rapid response at management level by all voc. ed. providers.  Allowing students to study anywhere and anytime by online delivery seems to be a significant step in the direction of training now days.  However, some training such as practical sessions still needs to be delivered in the classroom with standardised equipment, timing and conditions.  A blend of online delivery and in class practical would seem to be the direction for many classes in the future.  Apprenticeships could be a key ingredient in proper training for many vocational jobs, as some training is given on the job and some training is provided by TAFE or another RTO.

For TAFE, the vision required by each General Manager must be focussed on work ready graduates with lots of practical skills.  Good teachers, good classrooms, good equipment is essential for TAFE to remain the number 1 provider in NSW and around Australia.